Le Bourg-Neuf in danger

If the Theatre du Bourg-Neuf as we know it today is due to the actions of Dominique Fataccioli and his team, they have so far never been owners of its walls. Thus in 2010, the ownership changes and does not renew the lease of the theater ended in the month of May. It does not matter just get the place, but resume activity theater built over the years by the team of Bourg-Neuf. Legal action is underway and is revealed to the detriment of Bourg-Neuf time.

Theatre du Bourg-Neuf

The consequences for the theater and his team would be catastrophic because it is not a question only for employees of losing their jobs and seeing the fruit of thirty years of work to fly, but it is above all to Instead of yet another culture that was forced to close. An artistic creation open all year at the heart of Avignon, a meeting place and sharing for the public, for all the inhabitants of this city at risk of disappearing. The financial and human investment over the years has been considerable, and also start from scratch would be impossible.


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