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Individuals shunning PC. So much so that their sales slump in the first quarter 2013. According to two . studies, published by Gartner and IDC offices on April 10, the number of PCs sold worldwide over this period fell below 80 million units. The first time since 2009. This fall marks the fourth consecutive quarter of decline for the sector.

Between million (IDC) and million (according to Gartner) PCs were sold between January and March 2013. A decrease between 11% and 14% compared to last year. Ever, for nearly twenty years, it had been stronger. A phenomenon largely due to the emergence of smartphones and tablets that better respond to the diverse needs of consumers.

Word processing, video player, internet browser, everything is now at hand with these devices, which require little by little in the lives of users. The latter, “change their consumption patterns, focusing on connected devices such as tablets or smartphones at the expense of PCs,” says Mikako Kitagawa, an analyst at Gartner. One reason is the lower cost of these terminals. “There are now shelves quality under two hundred dollars. Suddenly, even in emerging markets where PC penetration is low, people prefer to invest in this type of product,” said Ms. Kitagawa. Continue reading