Percy Kemp not fly foot! Five hundred years after the Florentine Machiavelli, dare provide advice to contemporary Princes on “new ways of exercising power and the best way to keep it” does not lack audacity. Especially when it is not patented political scientist, but strategic intelligence specialist on the Middle East and complicated that we devote his spare time to write geopolitical thrillers in the John Le Carré, based on the best sources. And when, a native of Beirut and Oxford graduate, is written in French as caustic as distinguished.

The exercise, however, is not that style. The “Prince” modern (. Threshold, 140 pp., € 15) is like little, indeed, to his illustrious predecessor: “Due to the new reality of the world, the increase in world population, its needs , requirements and claims, as the result of narrowing of the space and the acceleration of history, unexpected events and their effects are known to multiply, weakening even more the Prince. ”

So here it buffeted by uncontrollable global turmoil, chess player taken aback by this unique game of checkers, sentenced to custody and control of more and more just to appear, the former as the guarantor security, stability and prosperity. So true it is that “contrary to what was the case in ancient times, today everyone knows that the Prince does not control events.” This does not, however, to hold him accountable for all and anything, political turmoil and economic crisis, military adventure and climatic hazards, safety or food. Continue reading