Chrysler in 2014

The boss of the Italian carmaker Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, announced Sunday, February 3, at a theater in Turin (north), he had complete the merger of Fiat with Chrysler’s . subsidiary in 2014.

“We will succeed in doing it. Veba With [attached to a powerful . auto union UAW fund, which is a shareholder of Chrysler] we have different opinions on the value of Chrysler but we solve the problem in 2014,” assured Mr. Marchionne , interviewed by the editor of the newspaper La Repubblica.

Asked whether the group will maintain its headquarters in Turin or elsewhere, Marchionne said: “We are a big present in everyone group will depend on the access to financial markets and the choice of the family [founder] Agnelli. ” He also said “he had not yet thought of” the future name of the group, when asked if he would be called Fiat or Chrysler. Continue reading