“We made ??mistakes are rectified and that’s how we progress.”. This council, Vincent Peillon spoke on the morning of Monday, February 25 to students in a class of CP Roger Salengro school in Gonesse (Val d’Oise), the minister just to apply it to himself. On the issue of school timetables, the strategy of the Minister of National Education is rather to summarize the following line: “We made ??a mistake, then a second and that’s how we move forward.” Irony of a socialist leader commented: “The philosopher should know that we should not confuse speed with haste …”


Vincent Peillon, suffers evidence of a rhythm problem. An hour before the rue de Grenelle installation, May 17, 2012, he already announced the return of “five school days for all children in September 2013.” First quack era Ayrault first public cropping Prime Minister, which has left traces between the two men. Hasty, the new minister, who has yet perfectly prepared its records during the presidential campaign, seems to have forgotten all that was then officially recorded symbolically must be renegotiated.

In October, the Minister lit the fire again by deciding in favor of a debate on the decriminalization of cannabis. Sunday, February 24, he’s back on BFM / TV announcing cuts in summer vacation: “We must be able to

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