central Steward French Confederation of Christian Workers (CFTC), I react in the gallery of Vincent Gay and Sylvian Pattieu, published Feb. 7 in the World website ” PSA Aulnay an employer violence. ”

I was very shocked by his lack of objectivity and factual errors it contains. I’m talking about evidence and not deliberate falsehoods mistakes, I let the two authors the benefit of the doubt and lack of information.

However, I ask them to fulfill their commitments to the big day in addition to their academic activities, Vincent Gay and Sylvain Pattieu also experienced extreme leftist activists.

World readers have a right to know these political commitments albeit very respectable when reading a position that has nothing of an academic work. Debunking some truths so conveniently circumvented by the authors.

The three unions held a joint press conference to denounce the violence Aulnay are three of them, a large majority in PSA Peugeot Citroen.

They do not condemn the action of the General Confederation of Labour (CGT), with which they have a good relationship, but are concerned about its infiltration in Aulnay by Workers’ Struggle, a political party whose goal socialist world revolution is far from the defense of the interests of employees.

This revolutionary political organization has chosen the strategy of tension and fear to block the plant to converge struggle Aulnay employees with those of other companies in very different situations and, ultimately, the Great evening rush it calls for.


Vincent Gay and Sylvain Pattieu say they have not observed violence Aulnay during their three visits. A fine example of blind activist!

Our colleagues Aulnay injured by throwing bolts or punched, insulted every day, stand at their disposal to testify. It is further necessary that they actually tried to collect these stories.

It would have been departing from the theoretical and activist soft cocoon of Trotskyism to face the reality on the ground. And we aprrend it?

The report SECAFI firm, nobody can seriously accused of collusion with employers, found it very bluntly: the restructuring is necessary and urgent.

Management clearly has its share of responsibility in the current situation. Therefore our responsibility as trade unions, is to do everything possible to give each employee a sustainable employment solution.

Jobs for all: this is what we want and this is why we fight. I remain pensive seeing at meetings sometimes difficult negotiations we have with management, the CGT representative of Aulnay site remain silent, apathetic, or leave in the early minutes of the meeting.

But this attitude is in fact consistent with its revolutionary ideology, in which no compromise is possible between the “bourgeoisie” and “proletariat.”

I digress: that come to the Aulnay workers in this ideological morass? Nothing, in fact, they will be the victims.

If we fail very quickly to a satisfactory agreement with management, the Aulnay plant close in the coming months and hundreds of employees will be on the tile. The media buzz then fall back quickly and they find themselves very alone.

Some of them will be prosecuted for violent actions they were only puppets. We reject political violence! And we reject the exploitation of our struggle!

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