Charm, the base and an incredible talent

It is with great pleasure that we discovered “the chaos stars are born,” the new album by Carmen Maria Vega. And we are pleased to share it.

Carmen Maria Vega | © Chloe Jafe

In 2010, you were presenting as “a serious hope of French song.” Carmen Maria Vega has now become a “star”. It is not clear so far whether born of chaos.

That which was presented wrongly as a “gypsy Piaf” (she was born in Guatemala and lived his youth in and around Lyon) has a style all its own and sticks, with good reason. The texts that he concocts Max Lavégie there are obviously no strangers, but do not overlook the character is built singer and his communication skillfully exploits.

Thus, on the cover of his last album, we see it sitting in a box or a boudoir-style Art Deco. The woman, wearing a tight-fitting suit so snake, it has hair slicked like Josephine, and feathers in a vase remind the world of the music hall. But behind it, you can clearly see a picture of Elvis. These are probably the two components of the musical universe of Carmen Maria Vega rock and music hall. Anyway, she seems to cherish the contrary: the back cover, the vamp has become evaporated shopgirl who retained his blanket and. himself represents crossbred Madonna Sacred Heart, while another press photo represents in black underwear: bustier, panties, black stockings and garter belt!

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