Former German President Christian Wulff, was forced to resign in February 2012, was formally charged with corruption, said prosecutors in Hannover, Friday, April 12.

Wulff, President of the Federal Republic of Germany from 2010 to 2012, is believed to have charged his wife with a stay in the amount of 500 euros in a hotel by a film producer David Groenewold him also charged in return for its support for a film project, said the prosecutor. If the procedure goes as planned, it would be the first time a former head of the German state would have to appear before a court.


After the request for a waiver of immunity by the prosecutor in Hanover, February 16, 2012, Wulff announced his resignation. Youngest president of the FRG, Wulff, 53, had been, from December 2011, the target of criticism from the media and the opposition accused including taking advantage of his position as head of Lower Saxony, which he directed from 2003 to 2010, for various and multiple financial benefits and then attempting to cover-up.

The President of the Federal Republic of Germany, whose role is largely ceremonial, but has a status of moral authority in the country, is at present the former East German pastor Joachim Gauck.

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