Despite the proselytizing Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister for European Affairs, he found Tuesday in the National Assembly a handful of diehards to say no to European fiscal treaty. Among them, twenty Socialist deputies, while the government hoped to less than fifteen and twelve elected as environmentalists and representatives of thirteen Democratic and Republican Left where the front left seat.

Until the end, these officials have resisted the arguments of the Prime Minister, saying that “since May 6, reorientation of Europe is running.” They did not want to hear that their vote could weaken a president already unpopular.

They fear the austerity and refuse to support a text tag, Europe, the way to return to a balanced budget. They informed the parliament when the CGT organized demonstrations in the major cities of France to protest against the proliferation of social plans.

They somehow made a date for the future without the executive or their party dare send them against any threat of sanction.

In good policy, Francois Hollande and Jean-Marc Ayrault preferred to the other side before the vote: 477 MPs have said yes to the treaty, an overwhelming majority among them a majority of elected left (282) that recruited mainly from the ranks of the Socialist Party and the Radical Left.

“The left will not need the voice of the right”, welcomed Francois Hollande, who feared above all that the UMP organized a show of unity around the “treaty Merkozy” referring to the current president his inability to rewrite the left and its divisions.

This dark scenario does not happen, because the UMP dissidents also has 167 elected representatives voted for the treaty, but 17 said no and six abstained, indicating that the European debate continues to transcend the left cleavage / right.

The victory of Fran?ois Hollande is very relative, however: if the vast majority of PS chose to rally behind him, environmentalists and the Left Front are largely dominated by eurosceptics and the reluctant stride to take the rigor that profile in 2013 and 2014.

In an attempt to reseal his troops, Francois Hollande will be drawing perspectives, explain the purpose of rigor, convinced that the road to recovery he chose is the right one. It has a lot to speak in the coming weeks, through interviews and press conferences in order to catch up.

The vote on the treaty is not a landslide victory, but it has the virtue of releasing the presidential speech, as the landscape was not clarified, could be heard.

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