Painting of Jon McNaughton (anti Obama tea party painter)

Thanks to this great French radio show, “There, if I am there” I Discovered this painter (Jon McNaughton) who’s painting HAS only one purpose: to denigrate and destroy if possible, politically Barack Obama ..

Will you notice this unashamed use this Mormon That Tea Party support and makes you look Jesus Christ Who Would someone be backing not only the American constitution goal aussi the vision Time of the Old MOST conservative and reactionary leaders. Of course the words of this man are hallucinating and maybe even more distressing That the hateful pictures he paints.

And when to the French interviewers Abebooks web sites him what he thought about Mitt Romney HAVING just bought companies to fire workers and Their make money in saling em just Effective, or what he thought of the fact That he hid His money in tax haven, all what he was finding was to say That It was what U.S. capitalists

Were Usually doing, and That if capitalism was not perfect was still icts His favorite system. Even more significant was what he said about Those fired workers to make more money: “You can not save everyone”. So I guess That for this “friend of Jesus”, as long as you are Among the saved ones, it “s all ok, and for the others, why bother? So a classical so called Christian with no limit in cynicism!

You know what I’m regretting? That I regret there is no such a Being really Jesus son of God and preaching the compassionate and charitable philosophy That he always said in the gospel books. Because if it About did, and McNaughton Assuming That Would Have to face him, I know Jesus Would give this f … bastard quite a hard time!

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