with Chrysler in 2014

Charm, the base and an incredible talent

It is with great pleasure that we discovered “the chaos stars are born,” the new album by Carmen Maria Vega. And we are pleased to share it.

Carmen Maria Vega | © Chloe Jafe

In 2010, you were presenting as “a serious hope of French song.” Carmen Maria Vega has now become a “star”. It is not clear so far whether born of chaos. Continue reading

Last year ‘s output at DC Comics chapters in an episode of Batman Arkham City, to connect once again with the eponymous video game developed by Rocksteady studio , creator of the game already multiplatform Arkham Asylum which had marked the spirits 3 years ago . In the United States , the output of comics that preceded and accompanied by the game here, Urban Comics is offering a “bundle” , that is to say, a package combining comics and the game all- in-one . This is even more relevant than the two media work in mirror contextualizes the comics and gives a lot of background to the reader – player who wants to understand how some of Gotham was all of a sudden turned into open-air prison where villains create territories under their law dominated by violence and bias (it does remind you of anything ? ) . The story then stops and prompts for the handle and slip into the armor of Batman to continue the adventure and defeat the evil goatee who manipulates everyone after putting all these people in line. Continue reading

Le Bourg-Neuf in danger

If the Theatre du Bourg-Neuf as we know it today is due to the actions of Dominique Fataccioli and his team, they have so far never been owners of its walls. Thus in 2010, the ownership changes and does not renew the lease of the theater ended in the month of May. It does not matter just get the place, but resume activity theater built over the years by the team of Bourg-Neuf. Legal action is underway and is revealed to the detriment of Bourg-Neuf time.

Theatre du Bourg-Neuf Continue reading

The boss of the Italian carmaker Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, announced Sunday, February 3, at a theater in Turin (north), he had complete the merger of Fiat with Chrysler’s . subsidiary in 2014.

“We will succeed in doing it. Veba With [attached to a powerful . auto union UAW fund, which is a shareholder of Chrysler] we have different opinions on the value of Chrysler but we solve the problem in 2014,” assured Mr. Marchionne , interviewed by the editor of the newspaper La Repubblica.

Asked whether the group will maintain its headquarters in Turin or elsewhere, Marchionne said: “We are a big present in everyone group will depend on the access to financial markets and the choice of the family [founder] Agnelli. ” He also said “he had not yet thought of” the future name of the group, when asked if he would be called Fiat or Chrysler. Continue reading

Deutsche Bestock exchanges in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Lisbon, whichrse is not interested in a takeover of Euronext, owner of the  is for sale, told Wednesday, January 9 sources close to the German group. “The acquisition of Euronext by Deutsche Boerse is highly unlikely” for the acquisition of trading stock “is not part of the new strategy of the group,” the source said.

After his failed attempt to merge with NYSE Euronext there nearly a year, following the veto of the European Commission, who saw in this union a potential monopoly, Deutsche B?rse set sail on organic growth-oriented in emerging countries, clearing operations, including negotiated transactions off-exchange (OTC) and technology services.

American platform IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) launched in December a takeover bid (OPA) of $ 8.2 billion on NYSE Euronext, but has indicated that if successful European operation activities together Euronext would be sold. Continue reading

According to the BBC, Credit Agricole plans “a truth transaction accounts” whose final order is expected in February 20. The bank would consider the possibility of moving additional provisions to reduce the amount of goodwill in its accounts.

Goodwill represents the difference between the amount paid to acquire a company and the book value of that asset. In late September, they reached 17.4 billion euros, of which 5.2 related subsidiary LCL, according to the updated document.

The European financial markets supervisor (Esma) has recently found that too few companies had adjusted their balance sheet the fair value of their purchases, such as accounting standards require. Continue reading