Dead Hours of Dawn

The Greek finance minister, Yannis Stournaras said Friday, Jan. 4 that Greece will vote by the end of next week a bill to toughen the regime tax on such employees and professionals.

This law, ahead of a major tax reform planned by the government in April, aims to replenish the coffers of the state in order to reach 2.5 billion euros in 2013, a commitment of Greece vis- -vis its creditors, the European Union and International Monetary Fund. The government, which is struggling to fight against tax evasion is widespread in the country, put on increasing revenue through increased taxation of professionals, champions of tax evasion, and employees with annual revenue more than EUR 21 000.

According to the press, which published excerpts of the bill in December, the new tax “will strangle the middle class”, already hard hit by the rigor imposed for three years and have led to a significant reduction in wages and pensions.

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Economists, sociologists, political deliver the same explanation. If Spain is not in fire and blood, despite its 6 million unemployed, 26% of the workforce, thanks to the underground economy, which represent more than 20% of GDP. But also, and especially, to colchón (“mattress”) family. In other words, solidarity. Almost too weak a word to summarize helps families their loved ones in times of crisis. Rate roof or money is valuable when more than 55% of those under 25 are unemployed, when nearly 1.8 million households have all their members unemployed and one in five (one child four according to UNICEF) lives below the poverty line.