Last year ‘s output at DC Comics chapters in an episode of Batman Arkham City, to connect once again with the eponymous video game developed by Rocksteady studio , creator of the game already multiplatform Arkham Asylum which had marked the spirits 3 years ago . In the United States , the output of comics that preceded and accompanied by the game here, Urban Comics is offering a “bundle” , that is to say, a package combining comics and the game all- in-one . This is even more relevant than the two media work in mirror contextualizes the comics and gives a lot of background to the reader – player who wants to understand how some of Gotham was all of a sudden turned into open-air prison where villains create territories under their law dominated by violence and bias (it does remind you of anything ? ) . The story then stops and prompts for the handle and slip into the armor of Batman to continue the adventure and defeat the evil goatee who manipulates everyone after putting all these people in line.

From the outset, we must recognize that DC Comics puts the means to offer a comic that is not done on the cheap , designed trowel and stained with jackhammer. Instead, the plot and the drawing have a real care , even if the copier is sensitive here and there , that is to say the boxes are copied pasted with slight modifications (adding a shadow or shift of gaze) . I hurt in the process , but that ‘s another topic . Arkham Asylum offers well-chosen sequences , and if we can find the background a bit clumsy , or not very credible , recognize that the album has moments of bravery and black humor , especially when the Joker comes into play , so the doctor said that after a free private consultation and sends grilling by … distraction? There is a great job on the expressions of each other , the classic and dynamic .

Arkham City illustrates quite well the potential of a transmedia project coordinated narratively , that is to say, the game returns to the comics and vice versa, but in a report by unbalanced definition : sales of comics do not reach doubt not that the game that has sold millions of copies all consoles and all territories combined. When multiple media are crossed to form a coherent narrative canvas, it is logical that some hearing surpasses those of others – and it does not mean that the media will be more profitable (just see the audience of an animated film compared to what it brings in absolute terms ) . Other significant factors come into play here : if DC comics history editor , decides to produce chapters in coordination with the development of a video game , it is expected that the spirit and the letter are met. Beyond security , it is relevance in question , as well as between a product demonstration by Warner (which owns DC Comics) and directed by a studio and introductory chapters game designed by the authors house , synergies and creativity can have right to call and give occasionally relevant “products” , one of the main objectives , namely to extend the immersion player – spectator is filled .

Think a transmedia project is inconceivable believing that each medium is self-sufficient and must pretend to profitability. The difficulty lies in the ability of project managers to master narratives , coordinate plot elements , to inform the parties and to maintain the specifications and on the wiki world concerned to minimize misunderstandings . When you know that the act of mixing different temporalities Batman , different worlds , crosses many other franchisees characters , we say we play on velvet because to some extent , paradoxically , everything is possible. Tel opponent can be resurrected , another can die again , another can finally overcome , or not …

No need to call DC Comics to create transmedia devices , but have a very rich and preinstalled universe can significantly help . Where this Arkham City is compelling is its ability to lead the reader into a story he does not have control codes, assumptions and characters ( though of course Batman is quite famous like that) – unlike the first attempt BD Assassin’s Creed , the comic is sufficient to itself , and if its conclusion , which calls clearly to pass this to the video game may seem frustrating , it simply reveals the limits of the exercise and , to some extent , the lack of confidence of developers in the intelligence of their readers that it should be unnecessary to put arrows to say what to do next . The marketing reveals a little too much here – but I have no doubt that this kind of blunder is quickly erased in the future, the growing experience and use that will spread …

What do you think ?

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