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Despite the proselytizing Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister for European Affairs, he found Tuesday in the National Assembly a handful of diehards to say no to European fiscal treaty. Among them, twenty Socialist deputies, while the government hoped to less than fifteen and twelve elected as environmentalists and representatives of thirteen Democratic and Republican Left where the front left seat.

Until the end, these officials have resisted the arguments of the Prime Minister, saying that “since May 6, reorientation of Europe is running.” They did not want to hear that their vote could weaken a president already unpopular.

They fear the austerity and refuse to support a text tag, Europe, the way to return to a balanced budget. They informed the parliament when the CGT organized demonstrations in the major cities of France to protest against the proliferation of social plans.

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Facing a resurgence of tensions in the eurozone, the European Central Bank (ECB) is again under pressure to take action to support the economy, approaching its monthly monetary policy meeting on Thursday.

The political crisis in Italy and Cyprus bank “will weigh heavily on confidence in the euro area for a while,” said economist Berenberg bank, Christian Schulz. Monday holiday in most European countries, the euro fell as investors playing the caution after the Cypriot and Italian events. Around 7:00, the euro traded at 2 8 dollar against dollar on Friday to 22 hours. However, the room for maneuver of the ECB seem limited.

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